The Core

Core Vision

The vision we had when we created Core Dynamix was to create an environment where everyone could have the tools and support to push themselves to create a better life.  It is our mission to offer the best services aimed at helping people of all fitness levels improve their quality of life, through results-driven training programs. Having a community of like-minded individuals around you makes creating change much more achievable. Core Dynamix is more than a gym – it’s a growing community of people who want to be better today than they were yesterday…

Core Story

Heather and Jeremy started Core Dynamix in June of 2014 after leaving the health club world to begin their own journey. They wanted to use their 10+ years of training experience to help more people, in a environment your “average gym” could not create. They formed a community that is supportive and motivating, preaching the importance of results through hard work and dedication. Everyone who comes into Core Dynamix is treated like the athlete you are – even if you do not believe that you are an athlete. We are all athletes. Whether you are participating in individual training or group classes, there is no shortage of motivation from coaches or other athletes!

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