Set goals. Reach goals. Make new goals. Repeat.



Core Dynamix was built in the spring of 2014 –  The idea was conceived by Jeremy and Heather after spending many years training in commercial gyms, honing their skills but realizing they could make a greater impact and help people by creating something of their own.

Core is designed to be a Transformational Gym – both physical and mental transformations happen here. We are not a big box gym where you feel like you are being watched at all times and we are not a Crossfit gym. 


 We are truly unique and different from what you are used to.  We believe everyone has a story and is on their own journey.  

The personal touch and sense of COMMUNITY is what sets Core apart from the rest. In here you are part of the COMMUNITY – you will create lasting changes and make new friends in the process.



We have a variety of training programs to meet your needs. If you enjoy the energy of group workouts, and like having your workouts designed for you, then our Group Training classes are where its at. 

If you need more individual attention, accountability and support of one on one training then try our Private Training Sessions.

If you enjoy working out on your own, or your schedule does not allow you to make it to a group training class then we offer Open Gym times. Open Gym “time” is when there are no classes going on, but the gym is open for you to come do a workout. We have boards specifically for Open Gym workouts so you will ALWAYS have something to work on!

THE Equipment

The gym is equipped with all the dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, bumper plates, resistance bands and so much more.

We have state of the art conditioning equipment from Concept2, Rogue Fitness, and Air Assault. No more boring sessions on an elliptical, these machines will challenge you in so many ways!

If it will make you a stronger, more fit human being then we will have it!

This place should NOT be the Lakes Region's best kept secret. This fitness center/gym/community is like no other around. You are welcomed, embraced, inspired, strengthened, and stronger from the minute you step in the door. CORE by far is the most empowering, result driven experience I have had."
Jodie G.