Set goals. Reach goals. Make new goals. Repeat.


Core Dynamix was built in the spring of 2014 – in a small basement in Alton, NH. The idea was conceived by Jeremy and Heather after spending many years in commercial gyms. Core was created to be a Transformation Gym. The personal touch that was lacking in the commercial gym setting is what sets Core apart from the rest. In here you are part of a community – you will create changes and make new friends. Whether you are doing Private Training or Group Training, all your workouts will be created a taught by Nationally Certified Coaches.

Gone are the days of walking into a building where you are essentially “renting the equipment”, your health and fitness can be much more personal. 



We have a variety of different training programs to meet your needs. If you enjoy the energy of working out with a group, and like to have workouts written out for you, then our Group Training classes are where its at. If you want more individual attention and accountability of one on one training then look in our Private Training. If you like to workout alone, or cannot make it to a group training class then we offer Open Gym times.

This place should NOT be the Lakes Region's best kept secret. This fitness center/gym/community is like no other around. You are welcomed, embraced, inspired, strengthened, and stronger from the minute you step in the door. CORE by far is the most empowering, result driven experience I have had."
Jodie G.