Core Dynamix was started in 2014 out of a small basement space in Alton, New Hampshire. The idea of having a place to go that would truly get people moving better and becoming healthier was what led to the creation of Core Dynamix. With over a decade of training experience under their belts, Heather and Jeremy took their collective knowledge and opened this small facility in the basement, but knew that was just going to be the start.

We are proud to say that after 3 years of existence that we are changing how personal fitness is viewed. Gone are the days of going to the gym with headphones in, and considering walking on a treadmill as a sufficient enough exercise. We aim to make your workouts challenging to YOUR ability levels, but also make them the best hour of your day. Through a powerful community environment, we want you to become physically and mentally stronger everyday.

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Core Dynamic: Strength, Conditioning and Nutrition