How do you want your body and mind to feel?

We’ll help you achieve your individual goals through workouts that make sense for your level and that fit what you enjoy doing. We’ll also welcome you to a community you’ll enjoy being a part of.

Exercise is supposed to be fun – we make sure it is!

When you join Core Dynamix you are not just getting a regular gym membership. Unlike many commercial gyms, you are not paying a fee to just walk in our doors. When you are training here, you are being coached by a Certified Personal Trainer – not helplessly walking around wondering what you should do for a workout today. We pride ourselves on the results our members achieve. We design every fitness class to be a full body, calorie burning workout. The classes are led by nationally-certified coaches and personal trainers with the ability to modify exercise programs to cater to everyone’s individual needs. Not everyone is at the same point in their fitness journey, so making adaptations for ability level, injuries and form are crucial to your success. Fitness classes provide a group atmosphere that brings support and encouragement from others. The easiest way to create change is to surround yourself with people who are all after the same goal.



Basic Strength-5am

Basic Strength is a Coach-led workout using dumbells & low impact movements.The workout will challenge every muscle group!


Bootcamp classes primarily involve body weight movements aimed at improving cardiovascular conditioning, balance, endurance and core strength while ramping up calorie burning!!!

Core, Strength & Stability – 10:00am

Core is a class for the 50+ age group, designed to provide you with more individual coaching, than a regular fitness class. You will improve body awareness, strength, cardiovascular health, balance and core strength.It involves low impact movements that are designed for a great overall full body workout. (This class is a separate payment than the general monthly membership)



Broga Yoga-6:40pm

Strong, energetic and challenging. Broga combines the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity enhancing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout! You will get the pumped-up feeling you get from working out and a deep flexibility and relaxation feeling from “working in.” Variations and options provided to make the best of your experience.


Intervals-9:30am AND 5:30pm

Intervals is a full body workout set to different time intervals such as 20-30 seconds of work & a 10-15 seconds recovery, ranging from bodyweight workouts to utilizing a variety of exercise tools!

Strength & Conditioning-6:30pm

This class utilizes lots of weights while incorporating body weight movements. Areas hit are muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and core stabilization.


Fitcon-5am, 8:00am & 5:30pm

Fitcon is a full body, functional movement based class that uses varying rep schemes and time domains. You will get to use boxes, kettlebells, dumbells, and much more! Some workouts are designed as partner workouts and others as team workouts!

Foundations (Beginner)-6:30pm

A beginner-level class that is designed to be a great full-body workout for the person who is just starting in fitness. You will do low impact movements that will still challenge you in a safe and effective way!




Kickboxing is a high intensity class that uses gloves, pads, and heavy bags for a full body blast! A great way to get rid of stress, while learning ways to protect yourself!

Strength & Conditioning-6:30pm


Fitcon-5am & 5:30pm




*Open gym times: Tuesday-Thursday 5-7am, Monday-Friday starting at 3pm until classes begin for that day.

and Saturday 7-8:30am & 9:30-11am

Nutritional Consulting

Nutrition plays a hugely important role nutrition in the overall improvement of your health. As the saying goes, “you cannot out-exercise a poor diet.” We offer nutritional consulting options to aid you in your journey. There are numerous websites out there that give you the “perfect diet,” but not every diet is suitable for everyone. It is important to figure out which one is right for you.

*Nutritional consulting can also be a part of your Personal Training package at no extra cost.

Online Training

Our trainers can work with you even if you don’t live close enough to make it to our facility. All you need is a device that can accommodate Skype or FaceTime and you can get your actual body fit through virtual coaching!

Private Training

Private training is an effective way to achieve your individual fitness goals. If you have a specific goal in mind, like losing weight, increasing strength, improving technique, preparing for an event, or just prefer a more personal setting, we can design an individualized program just for you that will ensure to faster results. You will work closely with your coach/trainer to identify your fitness goals.

In-Home Personal Training

If you can’t make it to the gym, or would prefer to get your workouts in at home, have the training come to you. Our certified coaches will bring the workout to you in the comfort of your home. We supply all the necessary tools and workouts – all you need is the willingness to work. Pricing is the same as our in-facility rates with a $5 per session fee for travel.

our plans

INDIVIDUAL: /monthly


  • Unlimited Classes

FAMILY: /monthly


  • - 2 Adults -Unlimited Classes

OPEN GYM:/monthly


  • Use of equipment and space when time available (ask us for more details)


$ 10

  • drop in

*All Service Men and Women get 10% off all services*



As a current member you can bring a friend to class, if they join (3 month minimum) then you can give them $40 in CORE CASH to put towards their first month membership! You will also receive $40 in CORE CASH. So you can give and receive for helping a friend make a healthy change in their life!!


As a member you can schedule a free consultation with Heather or Jeremy in which we will go over goal assessment, changes to program, issues that are keeping you from your goals, injuries, etc.


This is our new program that provides the option for members to take their membership past the standard membership and bridge the gap between a standard membership and personal training. In this program you can still do the fitness classes but you will also have 2-3 workouts a week programmed for you to meet your specific needs and goals! The cost of this monthly program is $125/month

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