Drink more water, less caffeine!


Now this seems pretty self explanatory, but this is more of a cautionary tale rather than a study based informative article.  A few weeks back I woke up in the middle of the night, only to find out that I could barely get out of bed. My knees felt like I had fallen onto a cement floor and his ankles were as if I had just finished 1000 jump ropes with hockey skates on. Getting to the bathroom without falling was a mighty task. Tossing and turning in bed until 3 am, I decided I would get up and try a hot bath to fix my legs – Heather was able to get me some Epsom salts to help. This bath barely touched the pain I was feeling.  I canceled my early morning appointments and tried to lay on the couch to get some sleep. By 7am I forced my self to get up and try to move around. This was a little better but, the pain was still there. I made myself drive to the gym for clients, and stumbled through my morning. By mid day my legs were finally feeling better and moving correctly. 

Heather and I went over all of the possibilities of what could have caused this incident. All that we could come up with is the possibility that I was extremely dehydrated. From that moment on, I have tried to really push more water and cut back on the caffeinated drinks (I have cut back by about 90%!) and I feel great – new pro tip, bring water to bed with you!!  

So take the lesson from me, and cut back on the caffeine and increase your water!!  

Keep living the strong life – Jeremy

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