We are a full service training facility. Our programs include individual personal training, group fitness classes and nutrition consulting. Whatever route you are looking to take to get your fitness journey started, or continue the path your on- we have the right source for you.


Our approach to training is that there are no cookie cutter workouts that prove to get results. We believe that every person is different so therefore they deserve and individualized training program. Work one on one with our nationally certified coaches to get the goals YOU want. Our goal for you in this training program is to help you make the physical and mental transformation that it takes to change your life - we value proper body mechanics, safe movement patterns and lasting results. Packages can be 1 hour training sessions or 30 minute training sessions.


The cost of training packages depend on the size of the package - packages range from 12-100 hour long sessions. Or if it is a one hour session or 30 minute session. Please contact us for more information.

*We offer free Individual Training demos (approx. 45 minutes) to determine if that is the right path for you!


All of our group classes are full body workouts, we try to differentiate each of the classes so you can challenge yourself on a day to day basis. Some classes will be primarily bodyweight only movements (Bootcamp, Intervals, Kickboxing), while others will use an external resistance like dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells (Strength & Conditioning, FitCon, and Basic Strength). We also want you to be able to movement better while being in tune with your body, so we offer a Broga Yoga Class.


Unlimited Classes - Individual $85/month
Unlimited Classes Family (2 Adults) - $125/month
Open Gym (use of gym when classes are not in session) - $45


If you are visiting and want to come take a class, or if you wanting to try a class before signing up for a membership then we offer a daily drop-in rate of $10/class

*If you are coming to a class we ask that you kindly show up 10 min in advance so you can be ready for class instructions!


As the saying goes, "you can't outwork a poor diet", so whether you are looking to lose weight or just get healthier, having a solid nutritional base is just as important as starting a training program. We want to be able to provide you with the information or resources to aide you in your journey to becoming healthier. You can set up a time to meet with our nutritional coach to set up a game plan for you to make these healthy changes.

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