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I was lying in bed this morning listening to the wind, bringing chills to my bones, thinking about how cold it is outside, complaining to myself about how much I dislike the winter, and why I have tolerated it for so many years. I was dreading having to get out of bed, and face the frigid, gelid temps. Dislike in my conversation was not accurate. It was more like I loathe, hate, and detest the winter months would best describe my internal dialogue. My body just does not accept the cold I thought. I I then realized I was being extremely negative, and possibly inviting negative energy into my day while allowing them to consume my thoughts. I decided to find things to be grateful for in regards to the winter. Why would I waste time on dwelling on something I cannot change If I choose to live in New England? I immediately became grateful that during the winter season it is MUCH less likely I will be tormented by spiders because they too do not like the cold and they are probably hibernating! Yayyyyy!!!! I immediately felt excited!! So, I proceeded to make up my gratitude list. I love the winter because sometimes it is nice to get all snugly in a blanket by the fireplace when there is a snow storm and maybe play games with your loved ones or family. An opportunity to spend quality time with the ones we most often neglect of when life gets hectic. You can’t get all snugly by the fireplace when it is 90 degrees out! I really do like to ice skate, night hike, snowboard, and even shovel! Don’t get me wrong, I still definitely prefer 100-degree weather over subzero temps, but this absolutely put my mind in a better place. So, this brought me to gratitude in our everyday life. I think as humans, we tend to focus on the things that go wrong in our lives, and don’t even realize just how negative we are being. And we often forget about the everyday, amazing things that go right in our lives no matter how small or large. Why do they go unnoticed? Do you ever just wake up and become so thankful that you woke up? Or do you dwell on the fact that you stubbed your toe getting out bed, or dread having that meeting today, or whatever it may be. Let’s all be thankful that we are here, able to feel emotions, whether good or not so good. Let’s all appreciate the ability to think, smell, talk, cry, laugh. Let’s appreciate what path we have chosen, or the ability to change it if we are not completely satisfied. Let’s enjoy our family, and finds things that you do like in things that you once did not. It does wondrous things to our mind, body, relationships and to our health. Gratitude is something we ALL should have. Writing down all the things we are grateful for, and continue to add to the list when new gratitude’s flood our minds. I am grateful for SO much, including all the obstacles and adversities I have endured in my life. I am not grateful that my brother and father have died, but I am so extremely grateful for amazing memories, and to be alive to do the things they cannot. I am not happy that I have had numerous surgeries, with scars covering every part of my body, but I am grateful I have survived, and have chosen to fight back. I am grateful for the journey it has taken me on. I cherish my friends, my family, and my AMAZING cat Marmy, and my dog Dukie Buns! I am so ridiculously grateful for all the AMAZING people that have come into my life. I LOVE what I do, and I appreciate everything I have been through, for I would not be the person I am today.

Adversity= growth. With every negative, there is a positive, you just need to be patient and believe.

We attract the energy that our thoughts create!

Heather 🙂
Core Dynamix

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