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“Being Part of a Community”

We’ve all tried New Ye12509285_10205931708313365_1010893155052112896_nar’s Resolutions, diet fads, new exercise routines that are guaranteed to trim belly fat and add inches to your biceps, and without fail they all ..fail..  Most people know how difficult it is to get yourself into shape, and make it stick.  It’s truly a mental (and physical) journey.  These attempts usually end with you giving up, saying “it’s just not going to happen”, or “my body just won’t change”.  The most important ingredient missing every time you’ve tried to make a change is having a support system -whether its from family or friends. Having a team around you to provide emotional and physical support is what will help you reach your goals and push past them.  I like to thing of it as a expanding the “box” that we all put ourselves in.  The metaphorical box is what we all put ourselves in to set limitations because of our physical ability levels. Our goal is to make that box bigger, and bigger until one day you no longer need the box, and you have the ultimate confidence in yourself!

Once you join our family, you become part of our community.  A community where failing is not an option and support is always a constant.  We want everyone to reach their goals and see the difference having a team around them can make.









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“Discipline equals Freedom”

I have loved this quote from the first time I heard it on a podcast. These 3 simple words are so powerful. Being “disciplined” in our life generally means a behavioral connotation. In our lives we need to shoot for discipline is all areas.  Perfection? No, discipline yes.  Think about it, if we are disciplined with our time, we end up wasting less time and achieving more daily tasks.  This creates more free time for ourselves.  If we are disciplined with our nutrition, we can create a higher possibility of not developing health problems from poor eating habits (ie: obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes to name a few).  Being disciplined with our training creates the freedom to open up new possibilities is your life from a recreational standpoint.  How many people do you know that when you ask them to go for a walk,  a hike, or something active- their immediate response is “No!” without even a second of hesitation to think about it.  Is that because they are not interested in the activity?  Or is it because they know being active at any level would create some type of discomfort? When you have the freedom to be more active, you do not have to worry about if the activity is going to be uncomfortable, you welcome the challenge!  Try to take some steps in your life to create discipline through better time management, food choices, and training activity and enjoy all of the freedom that comes from this new found discipline.

Keep pushing yourself to be better, and absolutely lead from the front. Motivate others….. Jeremy



The Spark

The “lightbulb” moment comes when you reach the point where you can no longer kid yourself and pretend like it is not bothering you. The comments finally build up to the point where they can no longer be ignored, thus the situation can no longer be ignored. You reach a point where the only option you have is to make a change, to do something about this problem. So this is where my story, the transformation of the fat man began. The light bulb moment was literally that, one day I decided that I had had a enough of the comments, the jokes, and the poor self-esteem. I silently agreed with myself that it was time for a change, that something had to be done. It started out as simply putting one foot in front of the other as far as a program. Cutting back on the bad food choices and behavioral choices that caused me to be in the situation, and systematically implementing small changes to make improvements in my life.

But how did I get to this point? I can tell you that the journey was not easy, there have been bumps in the road, set backs, lessons learned and a bunch of great times. Everyone wants to know what it takes to lose 100 pounds. Unfortunately, the answer they get is not really what they are looking for.  The answer is, “its going to take work and a lot of dedication”.  Most people want the simple answer, the “quickest” way to their results.  When really all it takes is finding that spark. One spark will ignite a fire within you that can lead to so many changes that you will shed weight but also lose the person you used to be (in a good way!).  For me it was as simple as making myself ride a cheap Sears Airdyne for 45 min to an hour every day. I used to put in movies of snocross races to motivate me, because that was one thing I wanted to do if I ever lost the weight (have yet to race one of those!).  The spark cannot be started by an external source, and that is why so many “weight loss plans” fail, because the person is looking for the quick fix to change their lives. That plan will not work. Once someone has found the spark, the spark soon becomes a fire, and the fire will not allow anything but success. It may take longer than expected but that’s ok, you will learn that its not the end result that is the prize, its the ability to enjoy the journey. My journey took over a year, but was well worth it. It still continues to this day. For me, there is no end result, its a continuous process. I can tell you the feeling that I got after losing all the weight and going back to see people whom I had not seen since I was at my heaviest cannot be matched or come with a price tag. It’s what motivated me to choose this career path, I simply wanted to help others to feel what I was feeling. My advice to people who are trying to lose weight, improve their lives, and my life long changes; simply enjoy the process, because there will be ups and downs.

Fast forward over 10 years and I am now a co-owner of this training facility with my girlfriend, Heather.  The sole purpose of this business is to change lives in as many ways as possible. We understand that for some people, exercise is not easy, its not fun, and sometimes its downright work. Being able to make the workouts “fun” and effective allows our athletes to see major changes in themselves physically and most importantly mentally.  Everyday I am working on bettering my life from a personal and professional level so that I can help others to do the same.

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