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Let’s make change

Let’s make change

By Heather Smithuntitled-5

With all of the easy to grab “food” options out there on every street corner ranging from McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Chinese food buffets to gas station snack poisons like Twinkies, whoopie pies, soda, and chips, it is no wonder why America is suffering from obesity, metabolic disorder, cancers, and a variety of mental health issues. My goal in life is to empower and educate Americans so we can understand just what we are doing to our bodies. We DON’T have to feel this way!

I recently posted an upcoming nutrition class, and found this saying: “if you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” That is the hard truth. How can we constantly abuse our bodies and think that it will not eventually malfunction? Our bodies are absolutely amazing, but can only tolerate so much abuse before they can no longer help us anymore. As I always say to my clients: what happens if you leave your car running all day and night? The answers I usually get are: it will die, OR it will run out of gas. EXACTLY! Picture that, so every time you are going to eat, think about what is going in your body and ask yourself if you are helping your body ward off illness and promoting health, or if you are contributing to harming your body? What you decide to do from there is up to you, but at least it will be a start!

Let’s not allow the chemically-induced food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies kill us while making a shit-ton of money and enjoying vacations in the Caribbean. Do you think the pharmaceutical companies or employees would give their loved ones half of these drugs? Do you think they care about us? The answers I got were: F@! #& NO! Let’s fight back and take ownership of our lives and health! Let’s make a difference for ourselves, and our future!!!!!

Today, while in your travels, count how many fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, or any unhealthy stores or chains you drive by, and compare to how many healthy ones you see. I would love to hear what you find!!!

Let’s all change TOGETHER!!!!

Thank you for reading…

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Heather’s passion is motivating others to bring them to their fullest potential both physically and mentally.
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