Here are some stories of folks we’ve helped, told in their own words.


neysa1-300x300Neysa Brisson

“After suffering for years with auto-immune disease, a bad back and numerous other issues, my weight ballooned up to 320 pounds.”

“I was walking with a cane & fell often.  After 3 surgeries & rounds of rehab I was able to sit and walk.  Doctors told me to accept that I could never carry groceries or vacuum (or do anything strenuous again) and would require long-term pain management.  I lost some weight on my own by restricting calories, but without strenuous exercise I had no idea how to continue to lose weight.  I was only in my 30’s, but physically felt 80. I didn’t want to give up. I reached out to Heather & shared my story. I was thrilled to find an ally in this journey! In the past few months through personal training, Heather has helped me overhaul my diet, strengthen my core, lose pounds and lose SO many inches. I’m doing whole-body exercises I never thought I would be capable of doing, not ever!  I’m getting stronger every day. (I can vacuum now!).

With a careful diet, I’ve also been able to halt disease progression. I no longer take meds! Heather continues to push me and challenge me to be the “best me” I can be. Next week, I’m starting group classes. Looking back, I’m really glad i didn’t listen to the docs and ‘accept my new reality.’

I’m so thankful that I made that call & found Heather, who believed this was possible, even when I didn’t.”


Kathy Bourdeaukathy-15-300x300 (1)

“I joined Core Dynamix on Sept. 11, 2014 because I was overweight and out of shape.

I felt like crap all the time. Heather put me through a 1/2 hour workout. That was the hardest workout I had ever been through. I didn’t return to Core Dynamix until 3 days later because I was soooo sore. But then I did return because I felt that the workout was tough and it was going to get me into shape. I have been going 2-3 days a week since that day and I love it. Heather and Jeremy are awesome trainers! I never would have stuck to these workouts without the help and encouragement from them. I have also met a great group of women who encourage and motivate me to continue this journey. I have lots of energy and feel so much better thanks to Core Dynamix.”


christy-4Christi Wood

“I have always struggled with my weight,but it really got out of control in the first eight years of my marriage.”

“The pounds crept on and I really didn’t seem to care that it was happening.  I was always looking for a quick fix to lose the weight, through pills, patches, or infomercial programs. Nothing gave me results, and I didn’t have the motivation to stick with anything for too long.  It wasn’t until I got pregnant that I really started to watch what I was putting in my mouth.  I lost weight with the pregnancy, as I was overweight to begin with, and was starting to eat more mindfully.  That started my path to wellness. In order to be the nurturer for my son, I had to nurture myself.

I lost 20 pounds on my own following my son’s birth, but got stuck and started to lose my motivation.  The pounds started creeping back on again.  That’s when I found Core Dynamix in July 2014.  I met with Heather and expressed my goals and desires of not only losing weight, but also being more physically fit and healthy.
Heather took me on, and I haven’t looked back since.  I have never been more confident and strong, both physically and mentally, as I am right now. Heather and Jeremy have given me the tools and resources to make my goals a reality, and to have the confidence to follow through.  I ran my first 5k in August, and am
setting my sights on a half-marathon next year.  This is a lofty goal considering I couldn’t do a single push-up, or would get winded quickly, when I first met Heather. But now I look forward to proving myself right, that I am capable and worthy of these accomplishments!”

Update: Christi has completed half-marathons, 5k’s, 10k’s this year and is running another half – marathon in Massachusetts this October!

jeff farmers-walk-217x300

 Jeff Roberts

“I have tried a few gyms and have never been able to stay with it.”

“I tried working out at home, but can’t seem to get the result’s I’m looking for. Then in comes this gym. I see the sign – they have a cool logo, but I hesitated  a while.  I was trying to exercise at home without any luck.  The buzz around town was all good about this new gym – Core Dynamix.  So I stopped in to see if it was like all the other gyms, but I found as soon as I opened the door I was greeted by the scent of country living, not a gym.  Since I first met Heather we talked about the gym and what they do. I discussed what I was looking for and the injuries that I have been recovering from (torn tendons from the elbow, both sides).  This has been a very long recovery so I did not want to jump in too fast and ruin how far I have come  People need to know that this is not your typical gym – Heather and Jeremy make this so much more then just a gym. It’s more like a family setting. You’re not just sitting on a numbered machine, they create workouts for your needs and to help people reach their goals in a fun and fulfilling fashion.  They stay with you throughout your workout to help you through the biggest  hurdles and the small ones too. They are exactly what I needed at this point in my life to reach my goals.  A gym is not always about losing weight or bulking up – there’s so much more when you find the right place. Heather and Jeremy have made this place for me. Thank you so much.”

donna-1-225x300Donna McDowell

“Beginning on the road to fitness is not easy, at least for me.”

“On the physical side there is hard work, hard breathing, sweat, and sore, aching muscles and joints. On the mental side, there is fear and doubt, especially if you’ve tried before and not had success. Sometimes with a little luck you land in the right place. For me this was Core Dynamix, and with the right person, my trainer, Jeremy Jorgensen. They start to plant the seed in your head that you can be successful. So you start with a great deal of encouragement and notice a small success, maybe that you just showed up or that you were able to do a little more than you did last week. This gets a little fire started so you come back and keep working and you start having some bigger successes, ‘I can do a push up!!’ and it keeps getting better. Then your head starts to ‘get it,’ as Jeremy says. Those doubts and fears start to fall further into the background and confidence and the elation of success start to take over and you want even more, so you work harder and the successes continue. What started with ‘I would like to get a little fitter’ turns into ‘I can do most anything if I put my heart into it,’ not just in the gym but in life, the confidence carries over. I can only see life getting better…”



Valerie Behr

“June 2014, Jeremy Jorgensen and Heather Smith brought Core Dynamix to Alton NH. I had no idea that meeting them would have such a huge impact on my life! I have Donna McDowell to thank for filling me in about the gym and their wonderful owners.”

“I joined a sort of grumpy 40-year-old overweight female who has had a few children, hypothyroid and celiac’s. I felt like a lost cause, stuck in a rut…

‘I can’t lose weight at 40 and a bad thyroid’ was my sense of mind, or, better yet, my excuse. I was in the middle of a career change (attending college) and working full time as well as being a wife and mother. I was never hungry, so therefore I never ate. Now, I eat every 3 hours because I am hungry! Thanks to Heather, I am making better food choices. I never thought I would be taking pictures of my food and sending them to her, but I do. I also send her pictures of temptations and she tells me how eating dog poop would be a healthier option, LOL!!

After my first Bootcamp class, I was SORE… for a week! I returned a few days later and they were wonderful; they gave me tips on how to work out those sore muscles… Ahh, the foam roller, everyone should have one and yes I own one! Oh, and I am no longer that grumpy 40-year-old female… I always have a smile, ask Heather, she’ll tell ya!!

Just about two months in, I looked at myself in the mirror (at Core Dynamix) and said to myself “you look awful in these big baggie clothes”, so off I went to buy “gym clothes”. I never thought I would have more spandex in my wardrobe than I do regular clothes. Heather and Jeremy are fabulous people; they are supportive and love to see the transformations just as much as we do.

Three months later… I am 100% addicted! I attend three classes a week and find myself scheduling life around the gym. I am down 8.2lbs, 8” total, my BMI is down 1.7 and my body fat is down 6.3%. I need a new belt; new pants (smaller size of course) and my wedding rings need to be re-sized. So, I THANK YOU and look forward to many more classes!!

SO!! What are you waiting for!? Get down to Core Dynamix and change your life!! It works. You too will be addicted!!!”

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