“Self care and self love is not an easy feat for many people, at any age. Many of us learn that as we get older, it becomes harder to form new, healthier habits and taking that leap is so daunting. After being faced with an incredibly challenging year, I was left with no choice but to make some changes. I saw that Core Dynamix opened a studio in Wolfeboro back in December and so I took a chance on December 13th joining a kickboxing class. Let me tell you, the welcoming and fun atmosphere was felt the moment I walked in, and my journey to self care and self love truly began. I have been working out at Core Dynamix 3 – 5 days per week, and on January 9th, with Heather’s guidance I started eating healthier and that is when my weight started falling off. Heather is so wonderful and knowledgeable. Her energy is contagious, she is hilarious and she truly cares about your success! I love that everyday offers different classes – Kick boxing, Buns & Guns (my favorite class!) and Boot Camp.”

A favorite part of this journey, and in such a short amount of time, is that many of my ailments have subsided as I suffered with terrible heart burn, anxiety, shortness of breath, and many aches & pains. I feel amazing! I am down 26lbs, feeling stronger than ever and learning so much about myself and about how food affects me.

I unfortunately had a small set back with my back so had to take it easy for a few weeks. But I’m better now and back at it! I am also getting married in 6 weeks 🥰 and recently purchased my dream dress which was 3 sizes smaller than i was 9 weeks ago. I am very proud of this accomplishment and can’t wait for my special day!  

Thank you Heather & Core Dynamix for helping me achieve these goals in such a short amount of time! I’m looking forward to where thus journey will continue to take me!”



“After a life long struggle with weight I made the decision to start really working on my body and my health in 2021.  I had been invited to a large industry convention for work in Las Vegas and was instantly terrified of flying,  not because of flying itself but because I had begun purposely limiting myself from really doing anything enjoyable due to me weight.  The last time I had flown I had to ask for a seatbelt extender which was quite embarrassing, along with having another passenger sort of give me the “look” when he realized I would be sitting next to him, both of us knowing this wasn’t going to be a comfortable experience for either of us.  When I was invited to fly to Las Vegas, i told myself I was going to work as hard as I could to lose enough weight to atleast not have that experience repeat itself,  this was for my career not for a random vacation I could have decided against so I figured I could work hard for a limited time to make this change in my life to get through this convention for work.    During this time my best friend of over 30 years was also going through a change in her life and had moved in with me,  she also had always had a weight issue so committed to helping me out by us both dieting and trying to lose weight before my trip.   It started off simple, no more soda – which sounds easier then it is,  counting calories and doing YouTube work out videos in my living room.  At 5ft tall and over 260lbs this was not an easy feet at times,  doing 30 minute “walking step” videos felt like I could have a heart attack by the end of them,  I was out of breath mowing my lawn once a week how was I going to walk for 30 minutes everyday?!  But as time went on and we stuck to our little living room work outs and changing our eating habits slowly but surely I was seeing changes in my body.  After about 8 months I had lost nearly 50lbs!  I was beyond excited and proud of myself,  I was able to buy new clothes and the living room workouts were becoming easier,  I was now starting to take walks outside,  go for little hikes and feel more confident.   Then in February of 2022, I unfortunately suffered a miscarriage from my first and unexpected pregnancy.  I was devastated,  and felt myself slipping back into eating as a way to cope.  In what felt like an instant I was over eating again,  I was stopping at fast food restaurants even when I didn’t physically feel hungry but just felt empty.  Come Spring of 2022 I recognized I needed help,  that my years of over eating and becoming overweight had been my emotional way to cope.  I was eating like crap and I had stopped working out  but I refused to have to rebuy old clothes I had tossed for becoming to big because I was once again becoming “big”. 

At the same time I reached out to a mental health therapist I had also  I reached out to Jeremy at Core,  a place I had driven by many times and always been curious about.   I basically started personal therapy and training with Jeremy at the same time,  and it has changed my life.  Thankfully my best friend who had started this journey with me again agreed to continue it with personal training with me and Jeremy at Core.

 Jeremy and Heather are fantastic,  I’ve never felt judged or like a lost cause coming in.  I’ve never felt awkward or uncomfortable with who I am or what my body looks like, what shape I am in (or not in) compared to any one else in this gym.  It has seriously become my “safe” space to come in,  move my body under professional direction and training and open up about eating, food, nutrition and most importantly working out and exercising without ever feeling as if no one understands where I am coming from – because they do!  Since joining this past spring I was able to lose the 20lbs I had regained along with much more (I am now down 77lbs and 20 inches overall and feeling great!).    I am no longer just focused on losing enough weight and getting healthy “enough” to get through life with minimal embarrassing moments,  I am looking forward to be the best I can be, to work my hardest and no longer limit myself because of my body.  Your body is made to do amazing things and when you work it hard and have an amazing crew of people pushing for you to succeed not only does your body feel better but so does your brain and your physical and mental health can drastically improve!”